Born through frustration and opportunity, ii Group’s approach to Executive Placement bears the traditional hallmarks of utilising industry expertise and personal relationships but with a huge dose of 21st century technology underpinning a platform to efficiently process, manage and track success in this most critical of functions.

The bedrock:

We identify the most relevant and proven candidates gained through an understanding of our clients’ goals and strategies. Our assessment capabilities evaluate candidates with in-depth interviews, benchmarking against cultural fit within our clients’ organisations and specific industries.

We are focused with laser point accuracy within the telecoms industry. There is no confusion inside or outside the organisation on where our skillset is leveraged best. We are International telecoms veterans with 50 years experience in building and leading world class sales teams selling network and managed services into wholesale, finance, media and enterprise verticals within established and start-up organisations like MCI Worldcom, COLT, Telia Sonera and Hibernia Networks.

Our services cover placement within the following functions:

  • Board Level & Senior Management (C-Level)
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Support: CRMs / Sales Engineers
  • Product Management
  • Optical, IP, Ethernet Engineering

We are a boutique organisation, hungry for success through building on our reputation in clean execution of assignments.


What is Pre Employment Screening?

This evaluates an applicant’s health and fitness for an occupation regarding the requirements of that job matched against the physical and mental health of the applicant in order to ensure good person-job match.

How is Pre Employment Screening carried out?

Option 1: Pre Employment Questionnaire

This explores the health of the applicant through their declaration by means of a health questionnaire. The questionnaire focuses on previous medical history, social history and family history. It is assessed by a member of HealthForce’s Occupational Health team and a fitness conclusion is supplied to the employer.

Option 2: Pre Employment Medical

Pre employment medicals can be done where the occupation carries a more significant element of risk to health, for example employees who work with hazardous substances, construction employees’ etc Pre employment medicals can also be carried out where a pre employment health questionnaire may have highlighted health related issues. A clinical examination will be carried out by a member of the HealthForce occupational health team and a fitness conclusion supplied.

What happens if abnormalities are found at the pre employment stage?

When this occurs it will be necessary to establish if the problem(s) will restrict the applicant from being able to successfully carry out the occupation without risk to their health and safety or that of others. Actions will include:

  • Obtaining further information from the applicants GP (with informed consent)
  • Referral for specialist consultation if required
  • Identify if possible restrictions within the job will be necessary
  • Identify if adjustments within the job need to be made, so far as is reasonably practicable
How can iiHealthcheck help you?
  • iiHealthcheck will assess your organisation to identify the most suitable screening method
  • Provide assistance in enabling employers to make decisions regarding the applicant’s suitability for the occupation
  • Advise on compliance with Disability Discrimination
  • Conduct drug and alcohol screening where required/div>

What are the benefits of pre-employment screening?

  • Avoid mistakes which will cost employer financially
  • Reduce risk of litigation
  • Reduce the incidence of sickness absence
  • Provide baseline health information (on entry and exit to organisation)
  • Ensure good job-person match


Receiving, reviewing, processing and tracking the critically important task of finding the right person for a role has been chaotic, inefficient and ineffective. Not now. With ii Groups device and desktop based innovative application the process, for the first time, is changing. Not only will we shortlist candidates using our industry expertise and knowledge of what the right person looks like, we deliver the options to you in a format never been seen before.

As a hirer:
  • Secure access to your open roles to begin selection process in a private setting via the most appropriate format: device or desktop
  • Review standardised information including, photographic headshot, 30 second introductory video clip and static CV with bespoke format detailing prioritised subject matter
  • Intuitive selection features allow you to select the preferred candidates and confirm to the search team the finalised shortlist for first or final round interviews
  • RTrack this process with management statistics to view and monitor the progress and success of the placement for each individual role
As an applicant:
  • Secure access to roles you have applied for or for open vacancies applicable to your search
  • Live update on progress through the application and instant knowledge of whether your application has been reviewed and if you have been successful or not in reaching the next round of the recruitment process
Full statistics and analytics of current and past positions applied for

The bedrock of our business is expert access to the right talent and understanding precisely what you need and this technology led service is disruptive to the traditional process – above all else, it will move you closer and faster to building a world class commercial organisation.


The task of updating your CV has been a fairly standard procedure over the years. We are already aware that those days are somewhat over. The classic CV is already complemented with online profiles and things are moving further – quite literally so as the options to present yourself to potential employers via video are evolving.

iiGroup will enhance your profile and static CV with a 30 second introduction clip. The process can be completed via two options based on the investment you are prepared to make:

  • Studio produced/edited version
  • Candidate remote upload

For both options, there are four areas you need to have covered:

1. Script

In the script, you should briefly outline what will happen in your video CV. At the very least you should write out the different ‘actions’ of what the viewer will see and hear. A one-pager for a script is enough. iiGroup will be able to assist in drafting the appropriate content.

2. Appearance

Most of the rules for a video CV are the same as a face to face interview except that you lack the questions of the interviewer and, therefore, have to do all the talking. Make sure that the lighting angle does not hide your face in the shadow and wear plain clothes (patterns tend to make us look like an optical illusion on screen). The rules for confident body language and public speaking apply as well.

If you are unsure about how you some across on screen, start off by practicing your elevator pitch in front of the camera and proceed to make a video CV once you are comfortable with that. With the fully produced video, the team will guide you through each step prior and live during the recording.

3. Technology

While most mobile phones can shoot videos in a decent quality, it is recommended using a digital camera for your video application. The picture quality is still higher than on phones and they are easier to stabilise by using a tripod. Once you have recorded the clip, you have a choice of free video editing software as well as programmes that come with your laptop such as iMovie or MovieMaker.

4. Distribution

Once you’re happy with the result, you can upload it via the iiGroup app and it will be used in conjunction with open roles you are applying for.

For more information, please contact info@ii-group.net.


ii Group’s strategy consultants work side by side with top management to help plan and implement their corporate strategies. The result of these collaborative efforts is an approach that ensures that all strategies can be turned into actions, led from the top, with clear accountabilities.

An effective telecoms strategy can revolutionise your business, helping achieve your corporate objectives, increase efficiency across the organisation and provide the foresight to meet the changing demands of the business.

At ii Group we not only understand technology but we also understand business. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients, taking into account all influences both inside and outside the business.

With ii Group you will have the confidence that you are working with a partner that has experience, a comprehensive understanding of what makes a good strategy and an impartial, independent viewpoint.

Our centre of excellence id focused on:

  • Commercial strategy for planned / existing Submarine Assets
  • Product / Service review for market relevance and sustainable platform for growth
  • Commercial Team Structuring

By working with ii Group you get our:

  • Market Knowledge
  • Technical Expertise
  • Tried and Tested Processes
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Extensive Resource
  • Fully Budgeted Strategy


Elevate your thought leadership and enhance your resume/CV by being an active part of the telecommunications’ industry speaking circuit.

ii will pitch you to speak at any/all of the following:

  • Global Trade Shows
  • Regional Conferences
  • Local Networking Events
  • Virtual/Actual C-Level Roundtables
  • Executive Webinars/Podcasts
  • Video Interviews

With proven success, ii can place you in front of the microphone, in either a keynote position or alongside other top decision makers, speaking on trending topics. By attaching your personal brand with these trending keywords, you not only increase your position as a thought leader and/or social influencer online, but you can also increase your executive opportunities, so when the time comes in your career to make the next strategic move, it’s to the next level of leadership.